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HPR Range

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The Hi-Force HPR range of pin and bush replacement kits is offered with a choice of 37 or 50 tonnes capacity, both available with either a manual or air driven hydraulic pump unit. Both the HPR-1 & the HPR-2 can also be supplied without a hydraulic pump for those users that already have a suitable 700 Bar pump available within their tool store. All models operate at 700 Bar maximum working pressure and incorporate either a standard HHA372 37 tonne capacity or a HHA504 50 tonne capacity, lightweight, aluminium hydraulic cylinder. This innovative product from Hi-Force is targeted at manufacturers, service centres and users of heavy plant vehicles, used in the construction and mining industries. Supplied in a smart metal storage case for easy transportation and storage, all kits include a range of standard tooling with non-standard and special tooling available on request.

Ideal for use on-site and in the workshop;Improved safety over traditional methods;Suitable for a wide range of pin & bush applications;Multi-purpose aluminium hollow piston cylinder